Delve into a world of flavor. Literally, an entire world. Across all of our gastronomic venues, our guests are given ample choice in terms of surroundings, menus and dining experiences. One thing they all have in common is a guarantee of delectable flavors; that, and wonderful skyline views from the venues’ terraces with the castle of Mystras basking in the background. Savor the refinement of each and every one of our carefully prepared dishes, created with the finest of local produce and loving care. The most sophisticated choices of Mediterranean cuisine, the favorites amongst international cuisine and a few creative dishes of our own, are all brought to you for your ultimate enjoyment.

Greek Breakfast:
We serve traditional Greek breakfast with fresh local ingredients.

*Palataki Restaurant:
Our ‘little’ castle of flavor, Palataki Restaurant promises a gastronomic experience of regal proportions. An ode to fine dining, our elegantly balanced, a la carte selection allows you to choose every single dish of your personal, luxurious feast, starting from the very first meal of the day.

*Elia Taverna:
For a more casual meal, our Elia Restaurant provides the perfect traditional local food, in a relaxed setting. There is so much comfort and wholesomeness in simplicity, yet there is nothing simple about your overall experience.

Doukato Restaurant:
You will immerse yourself in a world of authentic local flavours and aromas at the  “Doukato” Restaurant in a fairytale setting, enjoying the romantic atmosphere by the illuminated pool, olive trees, bougainvillea and the bar. The gastronomic creations of the Mystras Grand Palace Resort team, will satisfy even the most demanding palates.


*Due to the Health & Safety protocols regarding Covid-19, the venue will remain closed until further notice.


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*Byzantino Cafe:
The ideal place to enjoy your favorite beverage, accompanied by tasteful, moreish flavors that bring out the goodness in every bite and every sip. Our dessert selection is made by own pastry chef, fresh each time. Located on the ground floor with an outdoor seating area too, here you can expect to be wrapped in an utterly warm ambiance.

*Symposium Wine Bar:
A place specially curated for the wine aficionados and connoisseurs, the Symposium Wine Bar carries over 100 Greek and international labels, meaning our guests can taste the whole world in a glass.

Doukato Pool Bar:
Perfectly complementing the refreshing aura that our pool exudes, the Doukato Pool Bar, offering fresh juices and nibbles, is your place of reference for enhanced moments of poolside tranquility.

The advantages of Booking Directly
  • Best price Guarantee
  • Welcome drink
  • Early check in - late check out (upon availability)