Our region has countless of interesting attractions and impressive sites to visit. Spanning many centuries, you will be able to witness the remnants of eras past, the Ancient, the Medieval and the Byzantine that are all weaved into the charming contemporary tapestry of our homeland. Mystras: Saunter around the enchanting castledom and UNESCO listed archaeological site of Mystras , set at the foot of Mt. Taygetos. Visit the Mystras museums and the plethora of local monasteries , churches and chapels that are dispersed throughout the greater vicinity.

See list of Mystras attractions:

  • Castle of Mystras
  • Museums of Mystras
  • Camera Museum of Mystras


The ancient Greek city that bore a legendary legion of soldiers who have been immortalized throughout the eons, renowned for their bravery and courage. The revered and iconic bronze statue of the great Leonidas , their notorious leader, will greet you on your passage to visit the Acropolis of Ancient Sparta and its archaeological museum . Do not miss a visit to the Olive Oil Museum that showcases its importance to local livelihoods.

See more of Sparta’s attractions:

  • Manousiako Museum
  • Museum of Ecclesiastical Art
  • Koumantarios Gallery


Local Monasteries:

A sensational array of monasteries, churches and chapels are patiently awaiting visitors to discover them. Explore the great concentration of monastic sites and revel in the sense of awe that these once sacred structures still exude.
1. Agion Tessarakonta Martyron Church (8 klm from Sparta)
2. Agion Anargyron Church (12 klm from Sparta)
3. Monastery Panagias Elonis (88 klm)
4. Church of Agia Theodora (96 klm)
6. Monastery of Panagia Zermpitsis ( 19 klm)
7. Monastery of Faneromenis – Anavriti (17 klm)
8. Monastery of Evaggelistria in Gerakas of Lakonia (95 klm)

Tours & Excursions

The immensity of natural beauty that graces the landscape of our homeland is truly a sight to behold. Unspoiled scenery that has not been altered by mass tourism welcomes visitors to admire their unique and pristine features. Discover the natural wonders of mysterious caves and caverns, fortified towns, wonderful lagoons and stunning beaches as you venture out into the greater region.

See points of interest:

  • Diros Cave – 74,5 km
  • Lagoon of Gerakas – 102 km
  • Castle of Monemvasia – 91,2 km
  • Kastanias Cave – 130 km


Discover the beaches:

  • Githeio – 47 km
  • Kalamata – 104 km
  • Limeni – 64,6 km
  • Monemvasia – 91 km